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Craigie Fields in Dundee

We are pleased to announce that NorDan has secured the windows and doors contract for the new Craigie Fields development in Dundee, to the value of £129k. The project, led by Hart Builders, which is the East of Scotland building arm of the Cruden Group, will be the first new homes for sale in the city from Cruden.

The overall project is in partnership with Angus Housing Association and consists of 42 new homes, including 12 three-bedroom semi detached homes alongside 30 two and three-bedroom properties which will be available for rent through Angus Housing Association. The £2.84m mixed tenure development sits on the site of the former Mid Craigie Primary School, which closed in 2009.

We will be supplying NTech Villa Top Swing Reversible Windows and H1 Doors which allows residents complete peace of mind as NorDan products offer some of the best safety protection in the market.

Hazel Davies, sales and marketing director of Cruden Homes, said:

We’re proud to be bringing new Cruden homes for sale to Dundee for the first time. Craigie Fields is a cracking development in a great location and offers excellent prospects for our first venture in the city.

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Top Tech Fully Reversible Benefits

  • Good Window Design – The Norwegian Way – NorDan windows are designed with a 1:8 gradient to ensure that no water rests against the timber after rain has fallen. The gradient also allows for air circulation in this area – meaning the timber is able to dry very quickly.
  • Safe cleaning from the inside – Well balanced ironmongery ensures the frame can easily be turned 180 degrees making cleaning the window as safe as possible.
  • Low Maintenance – The added aluminium cladding enhances the window giving near lifetime protection to the timber.

Sep 27, 2019
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