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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

When considering window and door solutions, I am often challenged with end users requesting triple glazing. Upon review of the architectural drawings or discussion regarding the current property and specification works, my response is usually, ‘why triple glazing?’.

More often than not, it is usually because they have been sold a concept by advertising campaigns or local traders standing outside DIY branches in what I can only describe as ‘mis-selling’.

NorDan double glazed window and door products offer a U-Value of 1.2W/m2K and 37dB sound reduction as standard, with a centre pane Glass U-Value of 1.0W/m2K. Current building regulations state a minimum performance requirement of 1.6W/m2K.

So what would the reasons be for upgrading to triple glazed, and what are the advantages?

One reason for upgrading may be the overall SAP calculation on a new build or extension, where windows and doors to be, for example – 1.1 W/m2K as other inferior or cheaper product alternatives have been utilised elsewhere. There are many ways to ensure performance specifications are achieved. NorDan are passionate about ensuring these specifications are met via the most cost effective solution rather than offering a product with higher performance specification when there is no long-term benefit for the end user.

Upgrading to a triple glazed windows or doors can have its benefits when used in the correct specification, for example – building a thermally efficient property with a triple glazed unit can offer U-Value as low as 0.7W/m2K. Additionally, acoustic properties can be improved to approx 41dB.

NorDan are the market leaders in the UK offering a premium timber window and door product at competitive rates. End clients when furnished with this information should have a straightforward decision as our standard products offer incredible value for money, fantastic thermal efficiency and are sustainably sourced with a life expectancy of up to 60 years.

Sep 27, 2019
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