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From the forest, to our factory, to your family home…

From the forest

Timber is the core of our products, and a part of our DNA. To ensure windows and doors with the highest quality possible, we exclusively source timber from sustainable forests. The cold climate forests means that the trees are slow growing, with dense woodgrain. After felling the trees are expertly processed, where unwanted parts are cut away and recycled, while the stock that passes quality control is finger jointed and glues before being transported to our production facilities.

To our factory

When arriving the timber is thoroughly inspected, before being put into production. With a combination of precise robots and skilled operators the waste is kept to a minimum, as the raw material step by step is transformed into the components that make up a window. Before painting and fitting of the aluminium s components

To your family home

New windows will almost always look good when they are first fitted. The real test is how good they look after ten or fifteen years being exposed to rain, wind and changing temperatures. We take great pride in controlling every aspect of the production ourselves, because we know there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to quality. We also make sure that you always have someone to contact if you have any questions. After all, the only thing more important to us than windows are our customers.

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Sep 27, 2019
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