Great Field Farm

We are absolutely thrilled to have been involved in the Great Field Farm project in Stelling Minnis, near Canterbury.

Great Field Farm is a 45-acre holiday resort, with existing self-catering accommodation that includes two barns and a lodge.

NorDan had the pleasure of working alongside Oxfordshire based modular construction firm, Green Unit, to deliver brand-new eco-friendly accommodation.

Green Unit installed one of their premium eco-buildings, known as the Green Unit ARC™, using NorDan external doors at either end of the building. Our products were fitted perfectly into the glazed and cladded ends of the building, as well as on the side view where there’s a side entrance/porch.

The 90sqm ARC™ building has a unique curved design, which mimics natural forms found in the environment and is equipped with environmentally-friendly features such as a green roof, a heat exchange system, infra-red underfloor heating, and smart sensors to regulate pollen, CO2 levels, ventilation, heating and lighting.

Like NorDan, Green Unit has a similar eco-friendly ethos, designing and manufacturing premium specification, low carbon products from sustainable materials.

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Additionally, Green Unit also use offsite manufacturing methods. At NorDan, we believe offsite manufacturing has a major part to play in the future of the UK construction industry, particularly because of the number of benefits for both the environment and the client or customer.

Unlike traditional construction, offsite manufacturing results in less wastage, with shorter lead-times and more predictable costs – it is commonly believed that it is the only way the UK can even attempt to meet the ambitious goals set to combat the housing shortage.

Alex Brown, NorDan CEO, believes that “offsite manufacturing allows for better coordination and logistics of a project.”

Mr and Mrs Castle, owners and managers of Great Field Farm, have renamed the new accommodation ‘Bumble Barn’. They say: “We pride our business on offering guests the space and freedom of the outdoors, but with the warmth and comfort of a house, and the new ARC building offers exactly that.”

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Sep 27, 2019
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