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Introducing NorDan HomeGuard

Secure, robust, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly; when it comes to entrance doors, these four characteristics are what separates the good products from the great.

An external door set should provide the right level of resilience against forced entry and tough weather conditions, whilst creating a welcoming and impactful first impression as the entrance to your home.

That is why NorDan is proud to be introducing the enhanced HomeGuard Entrance Door into the market. This doorset provides the right balance of style and security for homes of all kinds, distilling our 95 years of manufacturing experience, Norwegian integrity and reputation for innovation into something truly modern, while retaining elements of traditional Scandinavian door design.

The HomeGuard door features all the attributes of NorDan’s signature product range with sustainable, high-quality timber and outstanding weather performance as top considerations for the design. Our external doors are made to withstand the roughest of Scandinavian coastal weather, having been tested against the highest levels of air permeability, wind resistance and water tightness up to 2400 pascals. This outstanding weather performance is not compromised by design, though style is still a key consideration of the product.

Coupled with NorDan’s vacuum impregnation treatment on the doorframe, HomeGuard is one of the highest performing door sets available in the UK. As well as paying homage to our tried and tested design methods, there have been new additional design elements incorporated into the product to further enhance performance, such as imbedded aluminium sheets into the core of the door to increase structural integrity and boost moisture control.

HomeGuard door sets are also fully accredited by Secured by Design, balancing security and weather resistance with intuitive functionality and a sleek, modern aesthetic. There are many different options and variations that can be made to the door, such as different locking mechanisms and compact laminate for a smooth, contemporary finish. These modifications ensure that HomeGuard can be completely tailored to any project’s requirements.

NorDan’s very own dedicated Door Champion, who has been central to the relaunch of the HomeGuard product, Mike Stevenson, had this to say;

“NorDan have been at the core of industry innovation for many decades now and in times like these, when there is such a large focus on supplying high performance and high-quality products for projects small and large alike, we realised that there was a need to put a fresh focus on our HomeGuard Entrance Door range. We are proud to be able to offer the very best of Norwegian quality through HomeGuard. It is well known that the Scandinavians take pride in ensuring that every single item is manufactured to an impeccable standard and their reputation for this is evident with the fine details of the HomeGuard door being carefully considered, from its functional design all the way to the selected hardware.”

Not all composite doors are the same. With HomeGuard, naturally, NorDan has selected timber-based elements for maximum security, performance and sustainability.

To read more about NorDan's HomeGuard range, visit our website to see our brand new HomeGuard brochures here:

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