N Tech Entrance Door

Introducing the new NTech Entrance Door

Having the best suited products for a market is key in staying ahead. The new NTech Entrance Door will replace the BorDorren product series in the UK, bringing a range of new opportunities with it.

The multitude of available BorDorren models have served the UK market well. But with competitors introducing more cost-effective solutions, and the general market demands have changed, it was time to adapt.

A True NorDan Product

Comparing the NTech Entrance Door with BorDorren, there are a lot of differences. But the most important aspect is not what separates the two, but what they have in common. Both are high performance, high-quality doorsets. Both are manufactured in NorDan factories, and both are the result of decades of listening to the customers and delivering best-in-class products suited to their different need. The newcomer is particularly interesting in that sense, since it has been designed to cater to the UK market from the ground up.

Well Received

The NTech Entrance Door was fi rst introduced in UK less than a year ago, and has already made its mark. Almost 1400 units have been sold already, which accounts for 14 percent of the target for the first three years. With such a well-received response from the market, NorDan is even more competitive than before. NorDan UK now have a complete range of products 100 percent suited for our Scottish and English markets, and the entrance door and windows should now appear next to each other in more and more completed projects.

Exciting future

At present we provide seven different door styles, all based on the same base design. In the near future two more styles will be introduced in January next year, with a further two styles hitting the market later in 2018. All doors will be available in different colours, with optional spyholes, letter boxes and a choice of handles.

Strong Partnership

An interesting fact about the NTech Entrance Door, is that it will be one of the first exclusive NorDan UK and NorDan Poland partnerships when it comes to product development. The ownership will be transferred from Moi to Powodowo, and UK will together with Poland be responsible for the development and profi tability of the door. And with such a promising product, there should be no reason for the NTech Entrance Door to not become a success.

Sep 27, 2019
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