Is Corporate Entertainment Worthwhile?

Corporate entertainment – a subject that every finance team across every single business will question. Almost every company partakes in corporate entertainment in some sense but it is still important to understand what the true benefit of corporate entertainment is.

The popular perception of entertaining is one of a hidden bonus or a thank you to the customer, but this is a narrow view of some of the true benefits that entertaining can provide for all parties.

Meeting in an informal setting is about getting to know and understand the client in a relaxed atmosphere, which in turn helps you to build and maintain business relationships with people and allows you to discuss business in a more open and neutral way. It also helps build the image and brand of the company.

Attending events also gives you the ideal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, which can only be seen as a benefit because it allows you to share market information and build up your network of contacts.

Corporate entertaining even has a social and charitable element. NorDan are particularly interested in giving back so we like to attend charity and social events as often as possible. One such event which stands out the most was when some of our sales team attended the Nordoff Robins Charity golf day with two clients. Nordoff Robins is a Charity that uses music therapy to help change the lives of vulnerable and isolated people across the UK. This event was attended by construction professionals across Scotland so allowed us all to network and build relationships whilst helping a very deserving cause.

To quote Richard Branson, “More deals are done on the Golf Course than the Boardroom” – and who are we to argue with that?

Oct 12, 2019
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