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NorDan Expansion in European Off-site Manufacturing

NorDan are now engaged with more than 20 leading European off-site manufacturing clients delivering full modular solutions across markets in Sweden, Norway, Eastern Europe and here in the UK.

The exciting part of this development is the synergy between NorDan, our off-site customers and the benefits to our joint client base. As a business, NorDan turnover £230m annually, with eight world class window and door production units.

We work with off-site partners sharing knowledge on our planning, procurement and logistics systems to ensure supply chain best practice for our clients. In the UK we now see significant demand for high quality aluminium clad timber windows across the housing sector.

Due to the significant UK demand for housing, NorDan have set out a clear off-site strategy including accurate product certification, procurement and logistic systems together with a robust quality assurance system.

As a group we are investing in further expansion in our production units to take advantage of the changes in demand for our products away from traditional aluminium and PVCu products.

Sep 27, 2019
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