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NorDan Launches Dedicated Specification Team

To coincide with our involvement in the COP26 House project being showcased in Glasgow this week, NorDan UK is pleased to announce the launch of its own dedicated Specification Team.

When it comes to specifying windows and doors for low carbon and sustainable projects, clients and specifiers face a very steep learning curve on the changes required to make their respective buildings and projects meet the right criteria.

As part of NorDan’s continued investment in sustainability and digitalisation through our ecoDigital Ready initiative, we have established a dedicated team of technical advisors to aid clients and project specifiers throughout the process of specifying NorDan windows.

Establishing this dedicated Spec Team will help us stand out from the crowd and allow us to offer the perfect solution for development and asset managers looking to optimise their specifications whilst minimising the costs.

It is well documented that the scope for savings is significantly higher at design stage compared to when the project is tendered/procured, therefore NorDan UK’s Spec Team will work to understand the client requirements at the design stage and optimise the product specification as early on as possible in the project.

Preparing for a Sustainable Future

While many architects, housing developers and specifiers are coming around to the environmental benefits of using timber, some require solid information on the pros and cons of the material. This is something that we are already trying to encourage through promoting the shared benefits of our timber-cored windows and doors.

With embodied carbon credentials 50% lower than uPVC and 25% that of aluminium windows when measured in kgCO₂/kg, according to the BSRIA guide (the Inventory of Carbon and Energy), NorDan’s aluminium-clad timber products deliver the optimal fenestration solution to achieve low and zero-carbon housing and public building projects.

The COP26 House is one such project, showcasing the potential of structural timber as a material, the versatility of Alu-clad timber windows and doors and the achievability of affordable, zero carbon living.

The real challenge lies in getting this information across to the right people early enough in the project lifecycle. This is something that is only possible with the help of a knowledgeable, well-trained team of specification experts that can work directly with clients.

Through our in-house Spec Team, NorDan UK now has the capability to quickly deliver our technical and environmental documentation while working closely with clients and specifiers for a communicative and streamlined specification process.

We look forward to sharing more about our Specification Team in the coming weeks. Until then, you can find out more about NorDan’s low-carbon credentials and our involvement in the COP26 House at the link below:

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