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The Environmental Initiatives at the Core of Our Business

As carbon emissions have continued to impact climate change, it’s become more important than ever for businesses to consider the effect they’re having on the environment.

At NorDan, we have worked to implement solutions that ensure the least possible negative impact on our surroundings. Sustainability and a focus on energy efficiency are an important part of our identity as a company.

We achieve this through a number of carefully considered factors:

Longevity and Energy Efficiency

There are three main elements that contribute to how environmentally friendly a finished and installed window is.

The first is the expected lifespan of the product, the second is how well it can contribute to reducing the building’s total energy consumption through either heating or cooling and the third is the materials at the core of the product.

All of NorDan’s Aluminium-clad products have been specially designed to perform optimally with these qualities in mind, meaning that they far exceed British Standards for weather performance and require minimal upkeep. Our Alu-clad products also come with a 60-year life expectancy.

NorDan’s NTech windows offer exceptional thermal efficiency, making them a sound choice for building projects where energy usage is a key concern.

Importantly, at the core of every NorDan product is pressure-treated timber, which remains a carbon-neutral material throughout each stage of manufacturing and its overall lifecycle. This means that our products are more eco-friendly than similar UPVC-cored windows and doors from other manufacturers.

Responsibility through the Value Chain

At NorDan, we believe in the necessity of an environmentally conscious supply chain. This is why we’ve implemented our sustainability values from beginning to end.

All our timber is sourced from slow growing, sustainable Scandinavian forests and we ensure that the minimal unwanted parts are cut away and recycled. In our principal factory in Norway, the bulk of the energy consumed is generated from ‘zero carbon’ hydroelectricity. On top of this, our long-standing relations with distribution companies ensure that eco-friendly procedures are incorporated into every delivery.

From the forest, to our factories, to the customer’s doorstep; the entire life cycle of a NorDan product is as sustainable as possible.

Proactive Environmental Approach

Our environmental approach is not just about simply complying with already implemented regulations, it’s about being at the forefront.

As part of our policy of continuous research and development, at NorDan we proactively work with respected scientists in the field of energy efficiency and environmental impact. This ensures that our products are always at the cutting edge of advanced fenestration technology.

Complete Set of Declarations

Within NorDan, we operate seven Competence Centres, each with their own area of responsibility.

Using the product portfolio as a platform, our designated Environmental Declarations Centre is required to supply product declarations and cycle analysis of every single component of our windows and doors. They are also responsible for coordinating the communication between NorDan and the relevant authorities and organisations who issue certificates for construction materials.

By incorporating each of these environmental initiatives into our business, we are proud to create a great quality product that stands the test of time, without producing a harmful effect on the environment.

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May 07, 2020
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