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The Perfect Interaction that Defines NorDan’s Approach

At NorDan, we often define our approach with the Norwegian phrase ‘Perfekt Samspill’. Staying true to our core values, it’s important to understand what this means to us, our products and how we interact with our customers.

When anyone is welcomed into the NorDan family, there is one phrase that everyone quickly learns is at the heart of our business – Perfekt Samspill. Translated from Norwegian this simply means ‘perfect interaction’ and it applies to many different aspects of the organisation.

The first step in appreciating what we mean by ‘perfect interaction’ is to understand the people behind the brand who live by this phrase every day.

Perfection in Our People

We take a people-focused approach, collaborating and maintaining the dynamism of a family company, despite our size. The development of our people is put front and centre, encouraging lateral, internal growth across the entire NorDan family. This helps to foster true expertise, leading to teams with a wealth of experience gained through many collective years in our organisation.

Perfekt Samspill: teams that interact well together, with members that grow in experience through every level of the organisation.

Perfection in Our Processes

In recent times, we have increased our attention towards sustainability as a cornerstone of our business, which is now more important than ever. Having vertically integrated manufacturing means that we can focus on sustainability and lowering our environmental impact, from every new tree planted to every window installed. Every stage in the life cycle of a NorDan product is carried out with an eco-friendly, energy efficient approach.

Perfekt Samspill: respectful and sustainable interaction with the environment, with integrated manufacturing ensuring we are in control of our products at every step of their life cycle.

Perfection in Our Products

The design of NorDan windows and doors is influenced by the need for clever interaction between the user and their environment. Our products feature multi-purpose design features that allow for flexibility in how they are installed, cleaned, maintained and used on a daily basis.

Windows and doors offer a connection between interior and exterior and the minimalistic, characteristically Scandinavian design of NorDan products allow for maximum appreciation of light, space and fresh air.

Perfekt Samspill: clever and functional interaction between user and product, between interior and exterior spaces.

Interaction on Every Level

Bringing together each of these parts of the business, the principle of ‘Perfekt Samspill’ applies to the interaction between people, processes and products. Without the people to guide them, our processes would never be innovated upon. Without care, efficiency and consideration put into the manufacturing of our products, they wouldn’t provide the same connection between the end user and their environment. With no core processes and standards in place, we couldn’t provide the same attention, communication and support for our customers.

Perfekt Samspill: every part of the business is connected and integrated by the same values and standards.

Values Worth Striving For

As a team, we know the challenges that must be faced to reach the standards of ‘Perfekt Samspill’, but we can continuously drive ourselves on a daily basis to improve processes and best practices for ourselves, the NorDan brand, and most importantly our customers.

This positive attitude and challenging environment come from the owners, directors and managers and their desire to keep moving forward in a competitive industry. This attitude naturally filters down through the organisation into how colleagues collaborate with each other, how we interact with customers and how customers use our products.

With this approach in mind, NorDan UK have faced and overcome many challenges as a rapid-growing business. Working closely with our other NorDan colleagues across Europe and the rest of the world, our team is constantly striving to think creatively, improve our processes and adopt the strong values that will allow us to achieve the ‘perfect interaction’ we hope for.

Apr 17, 2020
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