Why choose NorDan for High Rise developments?

With the need for social housing on the rise and land close to city centres running out, we see an increase in demand in for high-rise developments.

A crucial factor with high-rise is choosing you the correct type of window that can withstand the harsh elements that high in the sky. With the positive and negative wind pressures rushing up a building, this can drastically affect the operation of windows. In fact, there are many windows in the market that are even unsafe for use in high-rise developments. This is why you may see many architects steering towards fixed windows only on such projects.

However, at NorDan our inward opening StormGuard 3 handle tilt and turn window has many benefits for such projects. Our StormGuard window, like all our products is designed in Norway to deal with the harsh climate and is tested to resist hurricane wind pressures.

With the 3 handles, this provides a tight weather seal tested to withstand wind pressure up to 197mph (4800pa), that is 8 times the UK industry standard of 600Pa. The NorDan window has smart 2-stage tightening profiles. This is designed, should any water manage to penetrate past the external glazing gasket, with profiles that will drain this water away avoiding any water build up within the frame.

These windows can be provided to suit your needs, with handles that are either removable, loacking or even blanked off for safety purposes. Other options include the supply or windbreaks or child restrictors that will be suitable also in residential buildings.

The unique seven-point locking system on our StormGuard window is part of the reason the sash can take a load weight of up to 100kg. An added bonus with the window being inward opening, is the functionality to safely allow cleaning and maintenance from the inside of the property. All glazing too will be customised to suit your project requirements, should that be acoustics, solar control, heat-treated, self-cleaning or even enhanced strength.

Of course there are many window products on the market – but none with the performance capabilities of a NorDan product for rise-rise developments.

Sep 27, 2019
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