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Why choose NorDan windows and doors for your home?

New windows and doors are an important purchase for your home, choosing the wrong product can result in poor energy savings and long term expenditure. They are also one of the most important consideration for any building project, there are many needs, desires and requirements to take into account, whether they are practical, aesthetic or economic. You are required to follow building standards, laws and regulations. The challenge is not to limit yourself more than necessary.

At NorDan, our NTech products come with a 10 year guarantee – but why else should you consider choosing NorDan windows and doors for your home? We’ve listed four unique selling points about our products to help you make that choice…


A safe home is a comfortable home. That is why we build our solid doors and windows out of real, robust materials. Security is paramount at NorDan. Our security window is among the best products you can choose to safeguard your home against attempted intruders. For NorDan safety is much more than just keeping intruders out, it is equally important is to ensure smart solutions that make you safe inside. Child safety restrictors prevent small children from opening the window accidentally, and solid constructions and fittings can withstand heavy loads. Everything is included in all our products.

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Quality & 60 Year Life Expectancy on Alu-clad Windows

Ever since our first window was crafted in 1926 NorDan has focused on quality. Our production method is a fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsman skills, which help us ensure that we deliver a high-quality product. Natural materials provide genuine quality. With large state-of-the-art factories able to produce over 2,500 windows and doors per day, a workforce of well over 1,000 and computer controlled production lines, NorDan manufactures in volumes sufficient to supply the largest projects whilst remaining competitive. The advanced design and construction of NorDan’s windows and doors guarantees high performance, low maintenance and durability – with a 60 year lift expectancy. All products are manufactured from top quality Nordic pine from well managed sustainable forests.

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Innovation and Good Norwegian Design

Future solutions created today, and in NorDan innovation is a key development. Good Norwegian design allows you to choose what suits you best. Even though we have many things to be proud of, we continue to ask new questions and consider our products from new angles. Why not? This question has been the main drive of product development at NorDan for over 90 years. If we were to accept the established “truths” as unwavering, we would remained unchanged. By constantly asking ourselves questions about what can be done better, smarter and more beautiful, we have created a steady stream of innovations:

  • Swan marked window
  • Passive window with insulated frame and sash
  • Burglar resistance as standard
  • Aluminium clad windows and doors
  • Pre-finished surface treatments
  • Vent as standard
  • Pre-mounted bushings
  • Pre-glazed windows and doors
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Scandinavian timber is at the heart of our product range. We source timber from sustainable forestry and impregnate it in a gentle and effective manner. Environmental considerations are important for NorDan and for our customers. As part of NorDan’s policy of continuous research and development, work with respected independent scientists in the fields of energy efficiency, lifetime running costs and environmental impact ensures that products are always at the forefront of advanced fenestration technology. It’s not just the products that are environmentally friendly. The bulk of the energy consumed in NorDan’s principal factory in Norway is generated from ‘zero carbon’ hydro electricity and each stage of the manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure minimal environmental impact.

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Sep 27, 2019
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