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Opening a window is dead easy, right?
If you take everything at face value, then I guess it is. But, how much can you take at face value to ensure you are getting something with the functionality you need?

Functionality – that’s when the product opens and closes, right?
If you look beyond the simplicity of opening and closing, what else would a functional product offer? It should offer protection against the elements and keep heat in the property as well as keep the cold winter breeze out.

If you decide to choose an ordinary inward opening window you may often find draughts coming through at some point during the life span. However, not with the NorDan StormGuard three handled tilt & turn inward opening window. This is due to our product being tested to 4800pa (197MPH) wind and rain pressure – and still being successfully operational.

How do we achieve this?
Simple, 3 handles (1 on each side & 1 on the bottom) by doing this it allows us to create a locking point at the 4 corners of the window as well as a locking point at each handle itself…7 locking points on 1 window,

What about an inward opening door for the entrance to your property? Our inward opening door-set comes certified to 2400pa (139 MPH) wind and rain pressure. NorDan outward opening door-sets and even our sliding doors are also certified to this level of testing.

To simplify how we manage to achieve such incredible performance without giving all the jargon – we design the products to specifically tighten against the gasket seals when the wind blows against the product. The harder the window blows the tighter the seal gets and keeps out the elements.

Our product is designed and tested to withstand the harshest Norwegian weather conditions and has been installed in the most exposed locations around the world.

Sep 27, 2019
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