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Window & Door Opening Styles

It’s easy to believe that window and door opening styles are really simple, and if you take everything at face value, then this could be true. But when it comes to your windows and doors, simply taking things as they seem may not provide you with the functionality that you desire for your project.

Functionality – that’s when the product opens and closes, right?

If you look beyond the simplicity of opening and closing, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for when trying to make sense of what makes a window truly functional. However, good windows and doors should offer protection against the harshest winter weather and keep the heat inside your home whilst keeping the cold winter breeze out.

If you decide to choose an ordinary inward opening window, you may often find draughts begin coming through after some years – but not if you choose a NorDan window. This is because our product is tested to 4800pa (197MPH) wind and rain and it has shown that it has the very best durability against hurricane-style weather conditions.

But how does the NorDan window manage this? Quite simply, it is because it has three handles. By having this, it allows NorDan to create a locking point at each of the four corners of the window and in the handle itself – so that’s seven whole locking points on one single window. But what this means to you, is that there are no cracks and crevices for any wind or rain to make its way through.

What about an inward opening door set for you front entrance?

Our Inward and Outward Opening door set comes certified to 2400pa (139 MPH) wind and rain and our Outward Open windows are also certified to 2400pa (139MPH) which means that all our windows, no matter what you choose, will withstand some of the harshest winter weather imaginable.

Now what about sliding doorsets?

Well this product is also tested and certified to 2400pa (139MPH) – but to break down some of the technical jargon, simply our products perform exceptionally well against all weather conditions because we design the products to specifically tighten against the gasket seals when the wind blows against the window or door. So essentially, the harder the window blows, the tighter the seal gets in order to keeps out the elements.

So if you thinking about starting a building or renovation project of your own why would you choose anything other than NorDan windows or doors? They’re built to last a lifetime.

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