The ongoing digitalisation of the whole organisation, meaning less
waste paper, efficient processes and traceable, transparent chain of
custody and technical documentation for our entire product portfolio.

What it means:

The digital revolution is here and despite operating in an industry that has been notoriously traditional with its focuses on building and manufacturing, there is no denying that digitalisation is here to stay - and there is no other way forward but to fully embrace the change.

At NorDan we have focused on ways to revolutionise our supply chain processes focusing on the product chain of custody, accreditation and technical documentation. Not only does making these documents digital increase their accessibility, but it also maximises the transparency, traceability and accountability of products while ensuring project efficiency for architects and clients.

Our Flag Ship StormGuard window has been successfully outperforming any other window product on the market for decades. Even though the quality of traditional, timber craftsmanship is indisputable, our factories have certainly been automating many processes and procedures to keep up with the times.

Our Swedish colleagues were even the very first window manufacturer to begin the commercial selling of 3D printed windows in a modern, sustainable material, paving the way for all other NorDan employees to put innovation at the forefront of our strategies.

Though, our efforts to embrace the digital transformation doesn’t just centre around our supply chain. We have also invested heavily in our internal processes so that our employees can fully benefit from technology advances. Throughout the last year, we focused on moving all our training materials and presentations online so that they can be shared and accessed globally at any time.

For colleagues, customers and supply chain partners, under our ecoDigital Ready initiative, we hope to utilise digitalisation to give everyone the answers they need right at their fingertips but with NorDan’s high expectation for quality solutions.