Everyday activities and policies to promote an
environmentally-friendly working environment
and facilities.

What it means:

Without actions, words wouldn’t mean very much and that’s why as part of our ecoDigital Ready initiative, we have a full routine of activities and projects that makes a contribution towards our initiative’s objectives every single day.

This part of our strategy refers to the day-to-day undertakings that happen at our offices. We hope to gradually help reduce the carbon footprint of our employees so we have ensured that all our new company cars are either hybrid or purely electric. NorDan also encourages members of staff to swap their single use plastics and bring reusable coffee cups and bottles with them to the office.

Out with our offices and into our factories, we have begun to utilise the innovation in manufacturing to drive efficiencies in our product processes, reducing waste materials and making the process more efficient. Moreover, NorDan factories are outfitted with solar panels to provide renewable, clean energy.

At NorDan, we believe that it is the small, consistent changes over an extended period of time that make the biggest difference. We have made a commitment to try every single day to improve our processes and procedures so that we can ensure that we contribute towards a construction industry that is both innovative and environmentally aware.