Company-wide initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint,
conserve forests, create low maintenance and energy-efficient
products, whilst promoting eco-consciousness as a leading
manufacturer within the construction industry.

What it means:

At NorDan, it has always been extremely important for us to put the environment at the heart of everything we do. Where possible, we aim to create a ‘green supply chain’ starting from the very first moment a tree is planted in one of our forests, all the way to our windows being installed in your family home.

From the earliest days of our company, the environmental ethos has always been one of our guiding principles. This was even the case when our founder, Johannes Rasmussen, decided on using timber to manufacture NorDan’s windows and doors. Upon designing them, the timber material was chosen not just to be as durable and low maintenance as possible – reducing the likelihood of replacement or repair – but because timber itself is also a lifetime carbon-neutral material thanks to the carbon sink qualities of trees during their lifespan.

During the felling process, which typically has the most impact on the environment, we ensure that we offset the environmental expenditure to the forest by committing to plant an entire five new trees for every single one felled.

Our environmental commitment even exceeds into our everyday work and projects. NorDan is proud to have been involved in many refurbishment developments over the years, supplying products for housing regeneration schemes and brownfield sites. While we still supply for new-build products, we ensure that we seek procurement opportunities with regenerative and eco-friendly projects, whenever possible.

Nevertheless, for us at NorDan, focusing on the environment is more than just concentrating on ourselves. We want to challenge the status quo and encourage the industry to say that it’s ‘Time for Timber’ and fully embrace the environmental and design benefits of using timber. With our commitment to the environment, we hope to promote the value and ecological benefits for decades to come.

In recent year, NorDan has also been involved with many ‘passive haus’ projects and off-grid or hydrogen-powered homes; this is an emerging market where we feel our product range is perfectly suited.