NorDan Environment

Sustainable living through
windows and doors

With timber at the core
see how NorDan windows and doors
can play a vital role in energy and carbon reduction

The energy loss from older windows and doors can account for over 40% of the house's total energy loss. With the help of our energy calculator, you can see what energy impact your windows and doors have and thus make a conscious choice when you need to replace them. By reducing the energy loss in your home, you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NorDan is an active player and fights for a better climate, we develop energy-efficient products and have a strong focus on the environment in our production. Modern, energy-efficient windows and doors not only improve the indoor climate but are also an effective way to reduce greenhouse gases. Use the NorDan climate calculator to see how the right choice of new windows and doors can affect your carbon emissions and energy consumption.

* A British detached house has approx 25m2 glass area.