When it comes to specifying windows and doors for low carbon and sustainable projects, clients and specifiers face a very steep learning curve on the changes required to make their respective buildings and projects meet the right criteria.

As part of NorDan’s continued investment in sustainability and digitalisation through our ecoDigital Ready initiative, we have established a dedicated team of technical advisors to aid clients and project specifiers throughout the process of specifying NorDan windows.

Establishing this dedicated Spec Team will help us stand out from the crowd and allow us to offer the perfect solution for development and asset managers looking to optimise their specifications whilst minimising the costs.

It is well documented that the scope for savings is significantly higher at design stage compared to when the project is tendered/procured, therefore NorDan UK’s Spec Team will work to understand the client requirements at the design stage and optimise the product specification as early on as possible in the project.

Across the UK our Sales and Specification team are available to carry out industry leading CPD presentations. To discover more, please contatct Tom O’Sullivan: Tom.O'


With timber at the core, the NorDan windows and doors offer solutions that combine leading energy performance with longevity, to minimise environmental impact throughout their lifespan. Low carbon values are a fundamental benefit of the NorDan product range, with embodied carbon of aluminium-clad timber windows being class leading against other material types.

Environmental thinking in NorDan is as much about being at the forefront of the authorities’ regulations as it is about reacting after they have been introduced. Every single day, work is done with environmental product declarations across the NorDan Group. By being early to see common benefits for both ourselves and the environment, we have worked purposefully with the environment in processes, products and product development for several decades.

We are a network of offices, factories and competence centres all interconnected by thousands of employees who share our common values towards a sustainable future.

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When high quality and sustainable products are given a long enough time to perform, carbon, financial and social sustainability value merge into a single entity.

This is our mission at NorDan and why we are one of the few window manufacturers that has invested heavily in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), which means we have third party accredited information on our products from material extraction through to end-of-life.

These EPD’s are freely available to clients, architects, specifiers, contractors, and developers to support their respective decision making and puts NorDan at the forefront of evidenced based carbon data in the construction industry, certainly where fenestration is concerned.