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NTech Luovre


Sidehinged Louvre

Louvres provide adequate ventilation options without the need for operating a window. NorDan inward opening louvres are designed to perform well in combination with all types of frames. Louvres are also a good ventilation option to ensure child safety, and gives added protection against attempted break-ins.

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Standard colour chart
With the right options
this product can reach
following parameters

Fire resistance
› EI60

Life expectancy
› 60 years


Material and Construction

Products are made from engineered pine, with external aluminium cladding being an optional extra. Windows and doors are available either double or triple-glazed and with various frame width options.

Weather Performance

Our windows are designed and tested to meet, and far exceed, British window performance standards. This is no surprise given the fact that our products were originally designed for the Norwegian market where severe winters, excessive wind and torrential rain are a common occurrence.

Heavy Weather Windows Doors

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Technical data
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White (Standard)
NCS S 0502-Y

Jet Black
RAL 9005

Window Grey
RAL 7040

RAL 3011

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016

Silk Grey
RAL 7044

Brilliant Blue
RAL 5007

Basalt Grey
RAL 7012

Grey Brown
RAL 8019

Moss Green
RAL 6005

Dusty Grey
RAL 7037

Nut Brown
RAL 8011

Oyster White
RAL 1013

Grey Aluminium
RAL 9007

Only availiable for alu-clad products

White Aluminium
RAL 9006

Only availiable for alu-clad products

Slate Grey
RAL 7015

Umbra Grey
RAL 7022

Traffic Grey B
RAL 7043

Black Grey
RAL 7021

NCS S8500-N

Pure White
RAL 9010


Clear glass (standard)

Clear glass (standard)



Etched glass

Etched glass


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