Warranty and claims

NorDan provide products of highest quality. Should there still be something wrong with a product purchased, please contact your nearest sales office or raise an issue with the below tab.

Note! For private customers, we recommend that complaints be directed to the reseller that sold the product. This is to ensure the best possible and most appropriate processing.

The NorDan UK warranty covers their products for manufacturing and material defects for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery.

The warranty covers:

The providing of replacement of parts subject to a valid claim under the warranty within 10 years from date of delivery. In addition, for the first 5 years from the date of delivery, the labour cost associated with replacing defective goods is also covered. Simple works or repairs as determined by NorDan UK required under the warranty should be carried out by the purchaser.

Parts required for such works, will be available from NorDan UK free of charge during the period of the warranty. In the unlikely event of failure, NorDan UK may at their discretion determine if the component will be repaired or replaced. For NorDan main entrance doorsets please refer to the product specific warranty in the external product brochure.

The warranty excludes:

  • Any visible defects not notified to NorDan UK before installation
  • Any claims resulting from incorrect installation
  • The warranty does not cover repairs to products which have not been maintained in accordance with the NorDan UK maintenance guidelines provided at -
  • Damage caused to the product as a result of accident or negligence
  • Any costs associated with replacing defective goods after 5 years from date of delivery
  • Any costs associated with the means to gain access to consider claims or service claims, including: - cranes, lift, scaffolding, ladders or working platforms of any description
  • Any form of making good or re-decoration associated wit the fitting, repairing of goods & their surroundings or consequential damage
  • Factory pre-finishing (see NorDan UK standard stain, paint, and varnish information leaflet on the NorDan UK website)
  • Damage caused by transportation if not recorded and notified to NorDan UK at the time of delivery
  • Any insulated glazing units not supplied to NorDan UK or any special glass subject to another manufacturers warranty
  • Glazing units not installed in the factory or by NorDan UK installer
  • Breakage resulting from thermal stress cracks will not be covered by the warranty more than 1 year after delivery. In addition breakage resulting from cracks will not be covered when caused by inappropriate specification and installation such as, but not limited to; - spandrel panels & similar unventilated areas, adjacent to shading or application of films to the glass
  • Any visual effects (as described in GGF datasheet 4.10) in the glazing unit which are not reported to NorDan UK within 6 months of installation
  • Breakages resulting from cracks are not covered if the glazing unit has not been installed in the factory or by NorDan UK installers
  • Breakages resulting from cracks are not covered if the glazing unit has been removed and re-fitted other than by NorDan UK installers
  • Breakages resulting from excessive structural movement or poor fitting of products which may lead to cracking of glass
  • The warranty does not cover damage due to swelling of components, any aesthetical discolouration or mould growth (including blue stain) resulting from exposure to excessive moisture or condensation either during or following installation
  • The warranty does not cover variations in the colour and grain of timber
  • Discolouration or corrosion of ironmongery caused by harsh climatic conditions, inadequate cleaning or the use of inappropriate cleaning agents
  • Any product which has not been paid for in full
  • If the original product is no longer in production when a valid warranty claim is made NorDan UK shall be entitled to provide a similar product or appropriate refund at their discretion

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