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Our story

NorDan is on a mission to be the leading Scandinavian window supplier to the UK housing market. As responsible solution providers, we design and manufacture products to challenge what’s possible.

NorDan was founded in Norway in 1926 and is today a considerable European manufacturer of windows and doors. In 2018 the NorDan Group consisted of ten factories, 25 project management offices, more than 1800 employees and a turnover of about 2,6 billion NOK.


NorDan is built on the Norwegian expression «Perfekt Samspill». This means that we strive to achieve perfect interplay and harmony between us and our clients, our products, our customers and internally with our employees.

We live by our culture

In NorDan we believe our values can be found everywhere: In our factories, in an architect studio, on a construction site, in a brand new self-build home - under just about any circumstance.

NorDan UK

NorDan have now been active in the UK construction industry for almost 40 years. Working closely with our production factories we supply high performance products to a range of markets including; Affordable Housing, PRS, Private House Building market and end-user Residential.


People - Honest - Collaborative - Action Orientated - Challenging - Passionate

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