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NorDan is on a mission to be the leading Scandinavian window supplier to the UK housing market. As responsible solution providers, we design and manufacture products to challenge what’s possible.


NorDan is among Europe's leading manufacturers of windows, doors and smart accessories. Since the founding in 1926 both the company and larger society has gone through significant changes, but one thing remains the same: NorDan is a family owned company, and is run by the same basic values as when founded. The group's head office is in Moi in Norway, the exact same place the company was founded 95 years ago. Today NorDan consists of 12 factories, approx 30 project management offices and more than 2000 employees

NorDan UK

An important contributor to NorDan's unique market position has been the high degree of local presence. NorDan have now been active in the UK construction industry for 40 years. Production facilities, product development and regional sales offices close to the customer have created strong and lasting relationships. Evenly spread across the UK, our presence serves a dynamic construction industry every day according to each market's requirements and demands.








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