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Are you designing and building your dream home or upgrading a much loved house? NorDan windows and doors offer the sophistication of Scandinavian style coupled with the strength, durability and security of aluminium clad timber, custom built for your property. Browse our gallery of recent projects to find inspiration for your own home.

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Self Bulid

Dining Room with White Windows Large Unique Windows Millbank of Udny Station Exterior Large Modern Living Area Bright and Airy Large, Modern House Modern Interior Cross of Jackston Sun Cross of Jackston Grey HG-104 Door Grey Windows Cross of Jackston HomeGuard Door Self Build Project Build in Progress Timber Cladding Lights Cross of Jackston Grey Window Cross of Jackston Contrast Grey Fixed Windows White Sliding Patio Door Cross of Jackston Unique Cladding White Sliding Patio Door with View Window Close Up H1 Door Close Up HG-102 Door Grey Window Against Timber Cladding Brick Contrast Grey Window with Obscure Glazing Window Close Up Grey Sliding Patio Door Sliding Patio Handle Grey Sliding Patio in Gable End Blue Windows & Doors Rustic Look Unique Shaped Window Clear Lacquer Window Window with Juliet Balcony Self Build Home Large Fixed Window Self Build Home Exterior Grey Sliding Patio Door Stunning View Kitchen with Patio Door Three Handle Tilt and Turn Window Fixed Windows in Corner Modern Grey Door with Sidelights Modern Self-Build Brick and Timber Clad Contrast Gable End White Gable End with Dark Windows Self Build Home Grey Window with View Cross of Jackston External View Cross of Jackston Single Window Cross of Jackston Build Cross of Jackston Windows & Doors Cross of Jackston Window 024 Cross of Jackston Self Build Project Cross of Jackston Views Cross of Jackston Project Large Fixed Window External View Cross of Jackston Sun Timber Cladding Cross of Jackston Large Fixed Window Cross of Jackston Large Window Views Modern Home Door Handle Close Up Grey Window Self Build Home Grey Balcony Doors Modern Contrast White House Living Area with Sliding Patio Doors Grey Window External View Modern Build New Home Scenery Cosy Stunning Countryside Home Clear Lacquer Window Close Up Unique Build Bright and Airy Room The Black House Unique Windows Dark Windows The Black House Project Contrasting Colours Four Leaf Sliding Patio Door Large Window Self Build During Construction Rustic Gable End Single White Window Finzean White Windows Four Leaf Sliding Patio Internal View New Build Home Millbank of Udny Station Grey Windows Millbank of Udny Station Exterior View Millbank of Udny Station Internal Millbank of Udny Station Bedroom Multiple Grey Windows Glazing South Lediken Fixed Window South Lediken at Night South Lediken Gable South Lediken Flowers South Lediken Gable Windows South Lediken Close Up South Lediken Sliding Patio Door South Lediken Lit Up The Cuillin Gable Windows The Cuillin Snow

Home Improvements

NorDan Replacement Windows Modern Home Extension Borrowstone Bothy Extension Borrowstone Bothy Windows Borrowstone Bothy Aberdeen Borrowstone Bothy Glazing Borrowstone Bothy Gable Window Borrowstone Bothy Bedroom Borrowstone Bothy Interior Borrowstone Bothy Views Borrowstone Bothy Handle Borrowstone Bothy Balcony Door Borrowstone Bothy Plants Borrowstone Bothy Construction Borrowstone Bothy In Progress Queens Road Extension Modern Extension

Exposed Locations

Lusa Bothy Holiday Home Lusa Bothy Isle of Skye Isle of Skye Views Lusa Bothy Getaway Lusa Bothy Isle of Skye Unique Home edited Lusa Bothy Wildlife Lusa Bothy Snow Shetland Exposed Location Shetland House Shetland Views NorDan in Shetland Shetland Window Delivery Lusa Bothy Views Shetland Inside Eagle Brae Red House Eagle Brae Cabin Shetland Home Snowy Eagle Brae Lusa Bothy Windows Eagle Brae Luxury Log Cabin

Internal Warmth

Whisky Glasses Cosy Bathroom South Lediken Modern Bathroom South Lediken Flowers South Lediken Spacious Kitchen South Lediken Bright Hallway South Lediken Large Open Hallway South Lediken Fixed Window Shetland Large Window Shetland Views Millbank of Udny Station Gable Windows Millbank of Udny Station Bright Sunny View Millbank of Udny Station Windows and Doors Sliding Patio Door Internal Shot Millbank of Udny Station Windows Internally Cosy Internal Shot Eagle Brae Cosy Cabin During Process Staircase View Modern White Bathroom Finished Room Modern Home Bathroom Window Close Up Denwell Cottage Internal View Bright and Spacious Kitchen Shot Log Burning Stove with View Sliding Patio Doors Corner View Quirky Cross of Jackston Fixed Window Cross of Jackston Corner View Borrowstone Bothy 19 Window Close Up Borrowstone Bothy Internal View Borrowstone Bothy Balcony Door Handle Borrowstone Bothy Balcony Door Borrowstone Bothy Plants Borrowstone Bothy Internal Gable Window View Bright Living Area Stunning View Countryside View Bright View Modern Kitchen with Sliding Patio Door Long Window Sliding Patio Door Large Fixed Window Bright and Airy Bedroom Countryside Living White Sliding Patio Door Timber Cladding with Grey Window White Sliding Patio Door Internal View Clear Lacquer Window Large Open Space Grey Fixed Window Large Grey Fixed Windows Grey Patio Door Bringing the Outdoors In White Windows Internally Fixed Windows Holiday Log Cabin Large Modern Home Cosy Home with View Large Unique Windows Luxurious Dining Room