NorDan’s establishment in the UK has always been tied closely to the roots of the organisation Founded in Norway in 1926, NorDan sought to manufacture the quintessential window for theScandinavian market. Designed for the tough Norwegian climate, NorDan products perform reliably over many years in even the harshest weather. Thisquality solidified the decision to expand to the UK in 1981, where the company’s robust products wereperfectly suited to demands of the British weather.In the 40 years since, NorDan UK has graduallygrown into a market leader and a household name,being specified for many high-profile commercial developments and residential projects of all sizes.


Affordability and low quality do not need to be synonymous. NorDan’s products are Aluminium clad, pre-treated and powder coated in one of Europe’s most modern facilities, resulting in a product made to withstand the harshest marine conditions.

Our aluminium clad products also result in a virtually maintenance-free product, whilst timber provides a warm and organic aesthetic on the inside. You can essentially ‘fit it and forget it’ with minimal upkeep, reducing the ongoing maintenance costs of the building.

Many affordable or social housing developments are now required to have an energy-efficient design. While energy-efficient windows, doors and other systems are estimated by some developers to cost 3 to 5% more upfront, they create reduced operating costs in the long term, offsetting that initial expense.

We design our products in Norway to withstand the roughest weather conditions. This means as standard, our products achieve U-values of 1.2 on double glazed units. U-values as low as 0.7 can be achieved through triple glazed units, making it a valuable contribution towards creating passive homes as well.


A safe home is a comfortable home. That is why we build our solid doors and windows out of real, robust materials. Security is paramount at NorDan. For NorDan safety is much more than just keeping intruders out, it is equally important is to ensure smart solutions that make you safe inside. Child safety restrictors prevent small children from opening the window accidentally, and solid constructions and fittings can withstand heavy loads. Everything is included in all our products.

Ever since our first window was crafted in 1926 NorDan has focused on quality. Our production method is a fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsman skills, which help us ensure that we deliver a high-quality product. Natural materials provide genuine quality. With large state-of-the-art factories able to produce over 3,500 windows and doors per day, a workforce of well over 2,200 and computer controlled production lines, NorDan manufactures in volumes sufficient to supply the largest projects whilst remaining competitive. The advanced design and construction of NorDan’s windows and doors guarantees high performance, low maintenance and durability – with a 60 year lift expectancy. All products are manufactured from quality Nordic pine from well managed sustainable forests.