Sustainable development is an integrated part of the NorDan Group. From the value platform «Perfekt Samspill» sustainability is a common thread through the products we manufacture, how we work and the responsibility we take.

Environmental concerns have been a natural part of the NorDan Group’s operations through decades. The «ecoDigital ready» group-wide strategy considers environmental and digitalisation improvements as part and parcel of sustainable development. Using this framework, we develop the best solutions with the most suited tools.

The NorDan Group have defined four specific focus areas for our sustainability work: Local values, people focus, resource efficiency and implementation and partnership. The focus areas are rooted in our values and support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Local values

Decent working conditions promote sustainable economic growth, a positive factor for the single human and work environment as a whole. Our operations contribute to employment and economic and welfare development over time.

We are conscious of our role as an important employer in our local communities. We take social responsibility by manufacturing robust and sustainable products with minimal resources.

People focus

We support each employees’ well-being and work continuously with workplace improvements. We are a safe, health-promoting and good place to work with low absence and few serious accidents.

Our equality approach begins with the equal treatment of all women and men, regardless of identity, religion, functional ability or age. Everyone is offered the same opportunities, so their personal resources are fully utilized.

Resource efficiency

A sustainable infrastructure generates positive effects and promotes economic growth. We operate with a high degree of resource efficiency. Environmentally friendly techniques and industrial processes supports a sustainable development.

We strive to provide resource efficient and energy saving products, manufactured in a sustainable manner. We strive to create a safe, circular economy where materials may be reused and/or recycled without harm to either the environment or people.

Implementation and partnership

To create a positive impact on the construction industry and to succeed with the sustainable development goals the NorDan Group work focused on implementing specific improvements and innovation. To succeed we take on active roles in partnerships with our suppliers, customers and research and industry clusters. Goal 17 is both our goal and our method to succeed with the NorDan Group sustainability progress.

Results of the
NorDan Group


  • Wide range of products in accordance with our outperforming the Passiv standard. Low U-values and long-life expectancy provides significantly improved energy performance and reduced environmental impact.
  • Actively encourages customers to choose more energy efficient solutions
  • Significant focus on equality within the organisation
  • Ahead of the curve in product documentation and declaration in a lifecycle and sustainability perspective
  • Sustainability innovations such as 3D printing of products in recyclable bio-composite materials
  • Actively work to replace chemicals within the REACH framework
  • Promoting all employees’ health through the myPULS activity competition
  • NorDan is a significant employer where our factories are located, and we are conscious of our responsibility within the communities


  • The NorDan Group has partnered with Save the Children, supporting their «Safe Back to School» initiative
  • Partnership and contributions to existing labelling initiatives such as Nordic Swan and BREEAM.
  • Sourcing of timber from sustainably forestry through PEFC and FSC.
  • The awarding of among others:
  • «International Quality Innovation Award» to NorDan AB for 3D printed windows in modern, sustainable raw materials (2020)
  • «Most sustainable product 2020» on the platform
  • «Apprentice Enterprise of the Year» awarded NorDan AS by Rogaland County (2017)