A Coating Tougher than Nails

Maintaining your windows is an easy thing to overlook, but it becomes a nuisance when over time they show signs of wear and tear and have to be touched up or repaired. A key consideration when buying windows should be choosing a product with a tough, resilient outer coating to ensure low maintenance and a long-lasting appearance.

The good news for NorDan customers is that our windows are virtually zero-maintenance thanks to their powder-coated aluminium cladding.

When compared to a traditional liquid coating, powder coating provides numerous advantages for Alu-clad products:

  • Powder coating contains no solvents and does not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the environment.
  • Powder coating can provide much thicker coatings than liquid without running or sagging.
  • Powder coating can easily offer a wide range of specialty effects, which would be impossible to achieve with other processes.

Unhappy with the typical processes available on the market, NorDan sought a pre-treatment that fitted with the company’s principles of technical excellence and environmental responsibility, which in 2016 led to NorDan taking ownership of a state-of-the-art powder coating line with FOX pre-treatment – only the 5th plant of its type in the world.

Our aluminium cladding is first treated with a FOX Flash Oxidization Process, which is a rapid anodic oxidization treatment that creates billions of microscopic pores that allow a weather-resistant powder coating to grip onto the aluminium, creating a much tougher finish for the material.

A weather-resistant paint is then applied as a free flowing, dry powder which once cured, creates a hard finish on the aluminium that is designed to withstand the elements and last an exceptionally long time before showing signs of wearing. This durable skin helps to extend the already long life-cycle afforded by the pressure-treated timber at the core of our products.

Our Alu-clad door products also use the same resilient powder coating.

By suppling all aluminium profiles with this level of quality of pre-treatment, Nordan has created a new standard for the window manufacturing industry that means our windows are virtually zero-maintenance.

So, if you’re looking for some new windows, consider NorDan’s Alu-clad range to give yourself the reassurance that your windows will look as good in 10 years’ time as they do when they’ve first been fitted.

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