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A Year to be Proud of

By Alex Brown, NorDan UK

It has been reported in media recently that NorDan UK Ltd recorded yet another record year of growth in 2022 – 34% on the previous year, and our seventh consecutive year of progress.

I can confirm that this is very much the case, and I would like to thank all our staff, customers, and supply chain for contributing to another great year.

Obviously, this is a fantastic achievement, but is even more impressive when you consider it was achieved across all sectors and regions and in what is a relatively static market.

In short, NorDan UK has increased its sales and market share at the expense of the competition.

This is no easy thing to do year-on-year, particularly in the notoriously volatile world of UK construction, so I wanted to take the time to reflect on the things NorDan is getting right as we ‘go again’ in 2023.

Aside from the quality of our products, it’s my firm belief that NorDan UK is a very well-run and well-organised company.

Our management consistently demonstrate clear vision and leadership, as well as a willingness to learn from each other, share ideas, and adapt and embrace what is a high-growth environment and culture.

I accept that this is not always easy, and I have, at times, decided to ‘adjust our sails’ to ensure the business stays on course. That said, our core ethos and values have remained steadfastly consistent.

NorDan’s success in the UK has been almost a century in the making and grounded in our Norwegian roots – a culture that promotes long-term partnership and performance over short-term profit and expediency.

This has at times made us incompatible with sections of the construction industry, whose approach may sometimes differ to ours, but there are increasing numbers of customers with a similar mindset to our own.

I am pleased that the majority of our supply chain consist of consistent, reliable customers, who stick to partnership agreements and value our approach.

The world is also tilting in our favour, with a combination of new legislation, raising building standards and a changing industry culture promoting material performance and longevity which is increasing interest and demand for our products.

I see this is particularly evident in the social housing market, with most social landlords now prioritising the social, environmental, and financial benefits of taking a longer-term approach to product performance and reducing whole-life carbon.

For example, it was celebrated last year that our StormGuard Alu-clad window frames installed at Castle Court, a high-rise social housing development in Sheffield, are still only half-way through their 60-year life span. That is 30 years of maintenance-free and low-carbon warmth.

NorDan continues to have up-to-date Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for nearly all of its products, giving architects and specifiers transparent information they need to make informed decisions on reducing embodied and operational carbon.

In recognition of this NorDan UK has been shortlisted for the CIBSE 2023 Manufacturer or Supplier Embodied Carbon Award – the winner of which is to be announced on 1st March. Fingers crossed for a good result.

We can all agree that 2022 was a good year, but based on everything I have covered above, there is no reason why 2023 can be even better.

Thanks again to everybody.

Alex Brown, Managing Director, NorDan UK Ltd

Feb 14, 2023
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