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Case Study: Dudhope Court

In 1994, Dudhope Court in Dundee found a solution meant to last when it chose NorDan's StormGuard windows during a major refurbishment. Fast forward to today, and the outcome is clear: zero maintenance issues and robust performance.

In 1962 when high-rise buildings were being built throughout Scotland’s larger cities, Dudhope Court was built on Lochee Road in Dundee as part of phase 2’s public housing development in this area.

Later in 1994, a refurbishment was carried out where NorDan StormGuard windows were the primary operating window system for the project. NorDan supplied approximately 680 windows to Dundee City Council, and since the refurbishment, no maintenance or operational issues have ever been reported. Dundee City Council has been quoted as saying they have had no difficulties with their NorDan windows. This product works well on high rise blocks which have a lot of weather exposure to deal with, extensive wind and rain and on a sea estuary.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as NorDan have supplied over 5 million StormGuard tilt and turn windows with minimal product fault callbacks.

Incorporating innovation and user-friendliness, the StormGuard window, developed in 1960, offers a unique combination of features. It tilts to provide daily ventilation while seamlessly turning to allow for easy and safe cleaning from the interior. This advanced mechanism is the culmination of years of dedicated product development.

Equipped with three handles and a seven-point locking system, the StormGuard window ensures security and peace of mind. Notably, all hardware is discreetly concealed behind a weather-sealed gasket, enhancing its weather-resistant capabilities.

Our windows are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to not only meet but surpass the exacting standards set by British authorities for weather performance. This exceptional quality is no accident; these windows were developed for the Norwegian market, where harsh winters, frequent heavy winds and rain, and even hot summers are part of the norm.

In fact, the StormGuard window boasts an impressive wind loading capacity of 197.5mph, firmly establishing it as a category 5 hurricane-resistant solution.

Client: Dundee City Council
Built: 1962
Refurbished with NorDan: 1994
Product: StormGuard high performance tilt & turn windows
Units: Approximately 680

Aug 23, 2023
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