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Exceptional Weather Ratings – when it matters most…

As the winter months set in and temperatures plummet, it’s important to remember that timber windows and doors are an investment and this is often the time of year when many NorDan customers value their windows and doors most.

Air tightness is critical, and weather performance is key to maintaining a consistent environment within a building. This helps achieve low heating bills and a healthy environment to live in.

Our windows are designed and tested to meet and far exceed British Standards for weather performance. No surprise given, the products were originally designed for the Norwegian market where severe winters are normal, excessive wind and rain is frequent and a hot summer is normal too.

The graph below illustrates the dramatic extent to which our windows will resist harsh weather conditions. Our NorDan tilt and turn windows do not leak at a pressure almost three times the Norwegian test standard.

In the UK, our building regulations for insulation are less stringent than in Norway. The climate in Norway is harsher and the products need to be fit for purpose.

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Sep 27, 2019
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