«New» Wolstzyn factory nearing completion

In NorDan, we have ambitious plans to grow our business in the coming years. One of the most important factors for this is the development of our factory in Wolsztyn.

NorDan’s history in Poland began with the Wolsztyn factory back in 2005. Since then a lot of big developments have taken place, such as the opening of the factory in Powodowo in 2016. When looking into the future to decide where the increased capacity should come from, Wolsztyn was the clear answer.

50% increased capacity

Wolsztyn has always been a very efficient factory, primarily producing windows for United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden. When deciding to expand the operations, an important challenge was to identify how the factory could continue manufacturing high-quality products and at the same time keep up the excellent delivery times. A plan was put into place, and during a short period five new buildings and a total of 10 000 square meters of production space has been constructed around the existing buildings! When the factory opens next year, it will provide 50% increased capacity for the NorDan Group, a milestone in the company’s over 90-year-old history.

On target and on schedule

When completed the expanded factory will cover an area larger than 20 000 square meters, and the buildings will in total have used more than 600 tonnes of steel. A total of approx. 160 000 manhours will have gone into the project, and all of this will have been done in only 12 months! The numbers are impressive, but even more impressive is that everything has been done while at the same time producing windows of great quality every day!

Jun 25, 2019
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