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Perfection through Polish craftmanship

Here at NorDan Poland, we combine the best of our Norwegian ownership and heritage with the long traditions of the quality and craftmanship from Poland.

Quality and competence are at the core of the companies in NorDan Gruppen. But there’s several things that makes NorDan a remarkable player in the European construction industry.

Manufacturing excellence

Soon after presenting the groundbreaking window named «Perfekt» in 1962, the market responded with increased demand. Not only was there a need for a practical, inward opening window. NorDan also proved the necessary skills were in place to manufacture quality products in large numbers. From the development of custom machinery to a continuous innovation on both products and processes, an excellence in manufacturering was proven from an early stage.

Common traditions

When NorDan began manufacturing windows in Poland in 2005, the long traditions for quality and high capacity was taken several steps further. The proud craftmanship traditions we represent in Poland was a perfect match for the demand for high quality production. Today, NorDan Poland plays a vital role in the NorDan Group, where we supply windows and doors produced in Poland to several European countries

Jun 25, 2019
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