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Why NorDan windows and doors are the smart choice for your home

NorDan is built on smart choices. Our material of choice – responsibly-sourced cold-climate timber – performs intelligently in more ways than one, from sustainability to energy efficiency, making it the responsible choice for homes across the UK.

You might be wondering why we’re so fanatical about fenestration. After all, it’s just windows, right?

But the importance of windows is often overlooked, despite the significant impact they can have on the look of your home, your energy bills, and the environment. And more than that, not all windows are built the same!

Read on as we review some of the key features of NorDan products that set them apart from the rest.


A natural carbon sink, timber is one of the most sustainable building materials available – that's why it’s at the core of all NorDan products.

We source our timber from sustainable forests, and we plant 5 trees for every 1 that is felled for production.

But what does that mean for you?

You can feel confident that your choices have helped to minimise the impact on the earth, while conserving energy in your own home.

Our products are more environmentally friendly than the alternatives due to our careful balance of energy performance and longevity, meaning that your windows will be with you for life, negating the need for replacement jobs over the years.

Energy Efficiency

NorDan Alu-clad timber windows require 70% less energy to produce than UPVC windows & 85% less energy than Aluminium windows.

This means that our embodied carbon – which refers to the emissions produced during manufacturing and transportation of products – is impressively low.


Production is one thing – but how will NorDan products help with the ongoing cost of your energy bills?

In addition to the superb embodied carbon status of NorDan products, our products also excel operationally.

NorDan windows and doors can achieve U-values of 1.2 W/m2K with double-glazed units and U-values as 0.65 W/m2K when triple glazed, keeping the heat indoors where you need it.

Low Maintenance

NorDan windows are built on the principle of “fit it and forget it”.

Costly and time-consuming window maintenance can quickly take the shine off your new glazing, but our products stand apart from the rest due to intelligent Scandinavian design.

Our Alu-clad products are powder coated to GSB Sea Proof Plus Certification, and the SatFox pre-treatment we use is recognised as being one of the best processes for longevity and robustness even in extreme or marine locations.

This makes NorDan windows perfectly suited to the UK’s changeable weather conditions and proximity to the coast as an island nation.

It also means that if you opt for our Alu-clad range, you can have a paint job that lasts as long as the windows themselves, reducing the need for regular touchups and saving you money over the years.


Good Scandinavian Design

We’ve been making windows for nearly 100 years, so we know a thing or two about durable design.

We use engineered timber for maximum strength, ensuring only the best wood makes it to production and guaranteeing structural performance.

But perhaps the most important feature of NorDan’s window design is something you can’t even see.

Our unique vacuum impregnation process is both lengthy and costly, but our commitment to quality comes first, and this process ensures that your windows can meet their 60-year lifespan expectations.

With increased capability to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions, NorDan windows are here for both a good time and a long time!



Ready to let NorDan light up your life? Get in touch with our specification team here or email info@nordan.co.uk

Feb 03, 2023
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