Fundamental parts of NorDan’s DNA and
the defining values of our organisation
that help steer the company vision.

What this means:

ecoDigital Ready is not just a one-off campaign from one of our regional centres, it is an initiative spanning the entirety of the NorDan Group throughout the whole seven countries, in which we operate. Together, we are taking a unified approach throughout our business while encouraging individual regions to pursue their own goals that fit the ethos of ecoDigital Ready.

Our company has a long history of advocating for sustainable manufacturing and innovation. With ecoDigital Ready, we continue this tradition in line with the modern world and the current trajectory of our industry. However, we are not just thinking about the present; our ecoDigital Ready initiative has been established to drive the future of the business and look ahead to the predicted state of the world.

One of the reasons why the ecoDigital Ready initiative is so close to our hearts at NorDan is that we are a family-owned and managed company built upon a strong set of core company values; we are action-orientated and people-focused, which help to drive both our digitalisation and environmental policies respectively.

We have both the responsibility and desire to preserve the world for future generations whilst fully embracing the digital era and the changing landscape of the construction industry, which necessitates taking a combined approach.

NorDan has always been at the cutting edge, and with ecoDigital Ready we are seeking to establish a new standard for window and door manufacturing and the construction industry as a whole, whilst holding ourselves fully accountable for what we can do better as a global company.

As an organisation, we are constantly asking ourselves how processes can be more eco-friendly or made more accessible, allowing for continual improvement of our policies and approach over time. By hitting the ground running and making small, incremental changes over time, we hope to make an immense difference to the future of our world.

Above all, ecoDigital Ready is about the mantra of; ‘Think New’. If we never change our thinking as a business, we can never hope to grow successfully. We want to bring more to the table and think creatively, innovating in whatever way we can for the future of our company and its place in the industry and the world as a whole.