Earth day

Earth Day 2023

We have one Earth. One chance to make our home the best it can be.

Today, almost 1 billion people will engage in Earth Day activities worldwide - pushing global organisations, governments, and businesses to take accountability and adopt more sustainable systems. With this year's theme being "Invest In Our Planet", the conversation has never been more crucial.

A Sustainable History

NorDan has a long history of advocating for sustainable manufacturing and innovation. Our responsibility and desire to preserve the world for future generations is rooted in our culture and at the core of our products. Sustainable timber is a natural carbon sink, and we plant five trees for each one felled.

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This is one of the many reasons we have invested in EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for our product range. EPDs transparently measure embodied carbon across their whole life cycle.

A Modern Approach

Another pivotal step for businesses to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach is to look at every part of their operations and how it directly affects the climate. So, in modern-day, businesses must adopt modern applications. With our ecoDigital Ready initiative, we have combined the digitalisation process with an environmental approach, meaning the results will yield longer-lasting effects for the years to come.

Welcoming the challenges of an environmentally forward mindset will allow any business to grow. And climate change is the primary significant challenge we are facing.

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