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Introducing Kirsty Law: NorDan UK's Newest Sponsored Athlete

Introducing Kirsty Law, the newest member of our sponsored athlete lineup. We're excited to support her journey as she continues to excel in her sport with determination and skill.

It is to no one's surprise that the world of being a professional athlete is a hard one. It requires dedication, hard work, and the drive to compete at a level very few people can reach. And even fewer can compete at the level which Kirsty Law is.

Born in Scotland, Kirsty was introduced to the world of athletics at the early age of 8. Initially enamoured with all sports within her cross-country club, she took a particular interest in the discus at the age of 13 when her club asked her to participate in an upcoming event.

Even from a young age, Kirsty was never one to back down from a challenge. She took to the throwing circle for her first competition with Minolta Black Isle (now known as Ross County Athletics Club), where she took first place – a feat mostly unheard of for a first-time discus thrower.

It was at this point that she began to pivot her whole being into the world of sports and athletics. Being engaged with football as well as with her athletics club, she constantly strove to achieve better results, competing in national athletics events, as well as playing for her local football team on the pitch.

At the age of 17, she realised that there was a fork in the road. Sustaining an injury in football, such as broken bones or twisted ankles, made her unable to train or compete at discus. So, a decision had to be made. One that would shape the rest of her professional career.

And that decision would cement her in discus history.

A history that has been made through blood sweat and tears. One that has led her to achieve monumental milestones that many dream of.

2-time British Discus champion, 14-time Scottish champion and 2-time Commonwealth Games finalist, Kirsty has not only shown a constant strength of character – she has done so humbly, recognising the support and help she has had throughout her journey.

The list goes on with how much Kirsty has impacted her sport and how she has built a platform to globally showcase the athletic talent that both Britain and Scotland hold – which is why NorDan is proud to sponsor her on this journey.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Kirsty said:

“I am so grateful to NorDan for this support, it really does make a huge difference. It’s also great to be sponsored by a business with a base in Inverness, where this journey in athletics began for me as a kid."
"My coach is based in Doha, so the sponsorship allows me to be able to travel and spend time in person with him this March, before I head to the United States to begin my season competing."
"My early season goal is to qualify for the European Championships, which take place in Rome in June and the ultimate prize would obviously be to make the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. One thing is for sure – I will give it my best shot!”

When NorDan sponsors an athlete, we don’t sponsor them based on their following. We sponsor them based on their values. Values that align with the message that NorDan strives to uphold every single day.

Kirsty Law has aligned with many of these. Filled with passion for not just her sport, but the people who support her from day to day, she is a person and an athlete who wholeheartedly embodies the ethos of what NorDan means.

Aiming to qualify for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, we are certain that the year ahead will mean big things for Kirsty.

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