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Perfekt Samspill; An Employee’s Perspective

What is Perfekt Samspill?

I first joined NorDan in January 2017 and this was a phrase that I immediately encountered. Ten months later, I now understand what this means to employees and what it means to work for the NorDan brand, not just in the UK, but in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and even China.

As a company we are aiming for perfection. As a team, we know the challenges that we will face to reach that standard, but we can constantly drive ourselves on a daily basis to improve things for ourselves, for the NorDan brand, and most importantly for our customers.

Any business can throw words around such as ‘honesty, challenging, team-work, and passion’ but how do you get employees on board, and create an environment where these words and phrases actually mean something?

For me, this positive attitude and challenging environment comes from the Owners, Directors and Managers not wanting to become stagnant in a competitive industry – and I can appreciate the amount of hard work and time it takes to create this culture within the work place. This attitude naturally filters down ‘through the ranks’ and it is visible to see between colleagues throughout the offices, as well as when dealing with customers – old and new. I was also constantly told within my first few weeks that there were no silly questions and not to shy away from healthy challenges and be honest in everything that I do.

On a personal level, when I joined back in January I was welcomed into the NorDan family, and it didn’t take long for me to settle into my new position. I was instantly mentored, followed by being sent to Norway and Poland for training. Even when I was abroad as a new face visiting factories and offices, I was treated exactly the same throughout. This is exactly what you want as a new employee. It also proved to me, in a very short space of time, that it was a culture, and not just a hand full of people being friendly to the new guy.

NorDan is still a family owned Norwegian company after 90 years of existence, and to me this speaks volumes as to how this company is run today. I really do get a sense of family and team work. On a daily basis we speak with colleagues in Norway, Poland and Sweden to help reach our end goal – to create a perfect product and provide a perfect service for our customers. Like in any business, things do not always go smoothly, but we do learn from the challenges we face so we can improve overall performance for the next customer.

Perfekt Samspill in Norwegian directly translates to Perfect Interaction. For NorDan, this means striving for perfect interaction between its employees, products and customers. I believe that this can be achieved by having trust in our own values and to keep on working together to be the best that we can be.

NorDan UK are going through a challenging time as a rapid-growing business, but with competition constantly increasing we need to keep thinking outside the box, improving our processes and to keep on aiming for Perfekt Samspill.

Sep 27, 2019
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