Quality across generations

Quality is a very broad term, and maybe more than anything else, the meaning of quality varies from person to person.

At NorDan, we believe that concepts like “the feeling of quality” and “the sign of quality” matter. It is about treating our customers better than they expect. It is about making sure that every step of the production process, no matter how small, is thought through and documented. This is how we can make doors and windows that are just as high quality thirty years later as when the house is brand new.

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Pride and craftsmanship

NorDan began as a handicraft business, and in our first years as a company, building houses was at the core of our operations. Even if we no longer build houses, and although we have grown somewhat larger since 1926, we still see ourselves as craftsmen. We use strict criteria when choosing our materials, and there are very specific things we look for when sourcing our wood, like hardness, twist strength and growing conditions. These factors are crucial in order for the finished product to have the quality that we believe is right, and that our customers through the years have learned to expect from us.

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Built to last

There are many people that work at NorDan: purchasers, product developers, operators and warehouse workers at each of our factories in Norway, Sweden and Poland — all of them have different tasks throughout the course of a normal working day, but they also have much in common. From the moment an order comes in, to delivery of the completed doors and windows on site, NorDan employees are working to ensure that you as the customer have the best possible experience, and receive the best products on the market. Doors and windows from NorDan are made to last. In order to create quality, we never forget what it is we are working for. We wish for you, the customer, to be happy today and for years to come.

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Sep 27, 2019
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