Supply Chain Management at NorDan

Windows and doors are fundamental to making your house a home and that’s why, at NorDan, we know how important it is to have a tight supply chain so that your products can arrive to you in the most seamless way possible.

Regardless on whether is it delivering hundreds of windows, or even the smallest of brackets and screws, making sure we get it right first time is vital to you and us. That’s why the supply chain we’ve chosen implements the use of logistics and distribution companies that tend to be smaller, family businesses whose values perfectly align with ours. That way, when we grow, they also grow and our customers can remain at the heart of everything we do.

Even though, using smaller logistics companies can have it’s challenges, it does provide endless benefits including world class customer service, high quality materials, and can-do attitudes with great working-relationships. NorDan employees think having this type of relationship is fantastic for business as they know that they can pick up the phone to anyone in the company and be able to get issues sorted without any additional problems arising. The companies that we use go out of their way and push boundaries to help, not just for NorDan, but our customers too.

In the grand scheme of things, businesses can lose sight of how important it is having a solid supply chain but in order to be able to best serve our customers, NorDan greatly appreciates the importance of having the right suppliers and distributors.

Sep 27, 2019
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