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Kvillsfors dubbelfönster utangångjärn

Sidehinged double frame w/sec. sash

Sidehinged double frame w/sec. sash with aluminium cladding. The deep construction is adapted for extremely noisy environments.

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Quick Guide
Product Performance

0.8 Wm2/K

Noise reduction
› Rw 60 dB

› Internally beaded
› Timber Deep Impregnated timber
› FoX Treated Aluminium


SoundGuard: windows and doors

Windows and doors with aluminum cladding. Internally beaded glass windows as Side-Hung or Kipp-Dreh. Outward and inward opening windows, doors and fixed light windows.

Material Construction

The products are made of timber with added aluminum cladding. Can be supplied with custom transoms, mullians and glazing bars.


The products can be manufactured to you bespoke sizes as per project requirements as well as being available in a number of standard sizes.

Frame Depth

Kvillsfors products all come in a standard 115 mm frame.


The products can be purchased treated or untreated from the factory. internal and external colours can be supplied according to RAL or NCS colour charts.


P-marked products meet stringent requirements for air tightness and watertightness. The timber is protected through a vacuum impregnation process for a long life expectancy.

Heavy Trafic Windows Doors

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Technical data
Glass 6mm float + D4-16 energy argon VK + 4mm float
External material Aluminium
Internal material Timber
Child safety Yes
Escape route Yes
Burglar resistance Yes, as an option
Ironmongery Galvanized bolt thread
Blinds Yes, as an option
Energy saving U-value: 0,8 Wm2/K
Cleaning Clean from the inside
Sound reduction Rw 57 dB / Rw+Ctr 45 dB
Fire resistance Yes
Watertightness Class 9A, according to EN 12208
Deep Impregnated Yes, according to BS 8417
Frame depth Min: 250 mm
Min Width 400 mm
Max Width 1 280 mm
Min Height 480 mm
Max Height 2 470 mm
Weight Max: 70-90 kg
Options and accessories


White Aluminium

RAL 9006

White (Standard)

NCS S 0502-Y

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Basalt Grey

RAL 7012

Window Grey

RAL 7040


RAL 3011

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Silk Grey

RAL 7044

Brilliant Blue

RAL 5007

Grey Brown

RAL 8019

Moss Green

RAL 6005

Dusty Grey

RAL 7037

Nut Brown

RAL 8011

Oyster White

RAL 1013


NCS S 0500-N

Grey Aluminium

RAL 9007


Clear Glass

Clear Glass

Costwold Glass

Costwold Glass

Etched Glass

Etched Glass

Altdeutsch Glass

Altdeutsch Glass

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