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Off-Site Manufacturing and Chapel Wharf

With a prime Salford location, and neighbours like the five-star Lowry Hotel, it’s hard to miss the towering twenty-two stories of Chapel Wharf. Comprising of 995 apartments over four blocks, it really was an exceptional project for NorDan to have been included in.

But what made this project so special was the fact that it was constructed using Off-Site Manufacturing through the offsite specialist Techrete.

Throughout the construction of the project, contractor Sir Robert McAlpine seen many advantages of using this technique from enhanced health and safety, to higher quality builds and even reduced build times. However, one of the most noteworthy benefits of Off-Site Manufacturing for the project was the significant environmental and sustainability advantages. These gains were related directly to waste reduction and construction activities on site such as noise, minimal ground disturbance, and vehicle movements.

The environmental considerations of Chapel Wharf is one of the main reasons why NorDan was the perfect partner for this project. In addition to having an exceptional product, we are also extremely conscious about our environmental footprint. NorDan windows have excellent thermal values ensuring that a comfortable indoor climate is maintained at all times. In turn, this means that carbon dioxide emissions are lessened. Therefore, from the beginning to end of this project – and even well into the future – the impact that Chapel Wharf has on the environment will always be kept at the very minimal.

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